Lease A Digital Scanner

Using the latest in dental technology allows dental offices to not only streamline practices, saving time and money, but also improves patient experiences and outcomes. That’s why more dental offices are using dental digital impressions systems instead of conventional impression techniques. However, finding the budget to integrate new technology into the office can be difficult. The Tooth Factory offers dental practices the ability to lease a dental digital impression scanner at very low rates depending on case volume.

Benefits of Renting a Digital Impression Scanner

Leasing a digital impression scanner provides a cost effective way to enhance your practice and reduce operational expenses.

Benefits include:

  • Better accuracy and predictable results. It’s a significant benefit when restorations fit with little or no adjustments. Digital dental impression technology offers better impression accuracy —reducing the margin of error and the need for adjustments. That saves chair time and patient discomfort. Conventional impression material can distort, pull or tear whereas digital impressions are infinitely more stable and reliable.
  • Fast and easy to use. Conventional impression material is costly and requires excess prep and patient time. The extra time spent dealing with conventional impressions is eliminated. Digital impression scanners are easy to use, it usually only takes about 1/3, the prep time, to get the accurate digital scan you need. The cost of impression material eliminated and the time saved will benefit your bottom line.
  • Improved patient experience. One of the most important benefits of going with a dental digital impression scanner is improved patient experience. In the past, patients had to bite into a gooey substance to make impressions — something that most patients didn’t like. Going digital eliminates discomfort, shortens preparation and turnaround times, and offers a better option for patients with a sensitive gag reflex.

Why Get Your Digital Dental Impression Technology From The Tooth Factory?

If cost has been holding you back from adding a digital impression scanner to your practice, consider leasing your scanner from The Tooth Factory. Not only do we make it cost-effective for dental practices, we offer the latest in digital scanning technology. The scanners we provide are reliable and proven to yield great results. What’s more, you’ll have a scanner in the office that produces consistent digitization of impressions, so our lab can offer you the absolute best in restorations.

At The Tooth Factory, we use the latest technologies — we want to help you bring the best technologies into your office, as well. Along with a low monthly payment, based on case volume, your office will get outstanding customer service.

We’re a private company that offers a level of service that large, national companies just can’t offer. We’re also local to Chicago dentists — ensuring you get the best turnaround times. Our lab goes beyond simply offering quality restorations, we also provide a low cost leasing option to add a digital scanner to your dental office.

To learn more about your digital dental impression scanner options and how you can lease from us, contact The Tooth Factory today.

"Other than my loupes, I can’t imagine a more vital product that I don’t want to practice without. It has enabled us to streamline our office workflow, eliminate impression material costs and reduce shipping costs, shorten lab turnaround, and practically eliminate chairside adjustments at delivery. The scanner also positions us a leader in new technology in the eyes of our patients. Once you start with this, you'll never want to go back."

- Chris Pallotto, D.D.S