Partial Dentures


Removable dental partial dentures are a good solution for patients who have lost some teeth, but who prefer a more affordable option to a permanent dental bridge or implant. At The Tooth Factory, our product line includes partial acrylic dentures that are held in place by the adjacent natural teeth, gums and a structure made from plastic, metal or a combination of both. Whether your patient requires a partial denture for front teeth or a partial for posteriors, The Tooth Factory makes a high-quality, durable product sure to make the recipient smile.

Plastic prosthetic teeth, made to match the shade of the patient’s surrounding teeth, are attached to an acrylic base that matches the color of the patient’s gums. Depending on the patient’s needs, our professionals design the partial denture with precision attachments or a metal framework with clasps.

Made from high-grade acrylic using the latest techniques, our partial dentures are of the highest quality. They are expertly color-matched and designed to fit with no or minimal adjustments. They are comfortable and withstand years of use.