Denture Lab


At The Tooth Factory, we’re proud to offer the best in removable dental dentures when patients don’t have the bone structure necessary to make implants an option. When patients are missing multiple teeth in the lower jaw and/or upper jaw, partial or full dentures can be an economical option for replacing these teeth. Unlike many other dental labs for dentures, we offer dental practices affordable dentures. They’re designed to look and function just like natural teeth, ensuring patients can get back to talking, eating and smiling normally.

Types of Dentures

Our denture laboratory offers different types of dentures, including full and partial dentures. Full dentures are an excellent choice for patients missing all their teeth. They often provide improvements in oral health, speech, self-esteem, chewing ability and overall physical comfort.

Partial dentures work well for patients who are only missing a few teeth, when there’s no need for full dentures. Different options are available — such as flexible partials, cast partials and ultimate partials — depending on the patient’s unique requirements and lifestyle.

State-of-the-Art Techniques and Premium Materials

We use cutting-edge, state-of-the-art techniques at The Tooth Factory, so patients receive a product that offers a great fit with little need for alterations. We have specialized equipment and combine that with premium materials, such as high-grade acrylic. The premium acrylic materials we use offer long-lasting, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing dentures. Further, we take every patient’s tissue contours, desired tooth shade, sex and age into consideration when making dentures. While creating the dentures, our experts perfectly match the color and translucency of the patient’s teeth so the dentures look natural.

Why Choose The Tooth Factory as Your Denture Lab in Chicago?

Our denture laboratory is committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best dentures so they’re able to keep patients happy. Our experienced technicians make use of premium materials and innovative techniques to guarantee a quality product and excellent fit. Not only do we offer high-quality dentures, we work hard to keep prices affordable — allowing you to pass savings to patients. Our boutique lab makes it possible to offer Chicago dentists a high level of customer service that just can’t be found when working with larger labs.

We’re more than happy to begin working with your office. Contact The Tooth Factory today, and we can discuss how we can meet your dental practice’s needs.