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At The Tooth Factory, we focus on creating a dental bridge for our customers that is natural-looking and strong. We combine the best of today’s technology with excellent materials to produce bridges that are dependable and beautiful, even for patients who need a front teeth bridge. Your patients have high expectations, and our lab will work with you to ensure that we surpass the highest standards every time.

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Types of Dental Bridges

We offer a variety of dental bridges for various applications, including:

Zirconia Bridges

Zirconia is one of the strongest materials available. Zirconia bridges also require no metal substructure, unlike ceramic restorations. Because the entire bridge is milled as a single unit using the CAD/CAM system, it creates much stronger, more durable pontic connections.

Ceramic Bridges

Ceramic materials provide good translucency; are precisely color-matched to the patient's surrounding teeth; and our ceramist has over 40 years of experience to ensure a consistent quality dental bridge.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Dental Bridge Materials

Since we work hard to provide our customers with a dental bridge of the highest quality, we only use the latest technologies and the best dental bridge materials. Our bridge dental laboratory uses sophisticated devices to make sure any room for error is eliminated, guaranteeing you get the proper fit every time. For our zirconia bridges, we use the latest zirconia techniques, and all dyes used are checked under a microscope to confirm the perfect match.

Why Choose The Tooth Factory as Your Bridge Dental Laboratory?

The Tooth Factory is committed to offering our clients and their patients the best bridges, and our experienced technicians use only the best materials and latest techniques to make sure you always get the quality that you desire. While we offer products of the highest quality, we still work to make sure our prices are affordable, allowing dentists to keep prices reasonable for patients. With attention to detail and a high success rate when it comes to fit, we’ll help you keep your patients happy. Since we’re a local boutique lab, we’re able to offer Chicago dentists a level of customer service that cannot be found with a large, national lab.

We’re happy to start working with you to meet your dental bridge needs. Contact The Tooth Factory today and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can meet the needs of your practice.