Dental Lab Products

As a full-service lab, The Tooth Factory offers a complete line of restorations. Our goal is to manufacture high-quality removable and fixed structures that help each of your patients regain his or her smile and the ability to eat and speak comfortably.

Using the latest technology, the best materials and exacting craftsmanship, The Tooth Factory makes dental products that look great, function well and fit right, resulting in less chair time and happier patients.


Crowns are one of the most common restorations requested from The Tooth Factory, and we’re experienced in creating many dental crown options to dentists throughout the Chicago area. When you work with our crown dental laboratory, you can...

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At The Tooth Factory, we focus on creating a dental bridge for our customers that is natural-looking and strong. We combine the best of today’s technology with excellent materials to produce bridges that are dependable and beautiful, even for pati...

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If you’re looking for a quality dental implant lab to work with your practice, The Tooth Factory offers the dental implant prosthetics you need. From single-tooth implants to full-mouth implants, we offer fast, professional results, whet...

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At The Tooth Factory, we’re proud to offer the best in removable dental dentures when patients don’t have the bone structure necessary to make implants an option. When patients are missing multiple teeth in the lower jaw and/or upper jaw, partial ...

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Removable dental partial dentures are a good solution for patients who have lost some teeth, but who prefer a more affordable option to a permanent dental bridge or implant. At The Tooth Factory, our product line includes partial acrylic dentures ...

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If you’re looking for complete dental laboratory services, The Tooth Factory can offer the superior service and customized solutions your dental practice needs. Here’s why you should choose The Tooth Factory for your dental lab services.

Exceptional Service You Can Trust

We give every dentist dependable service, which is why we’ve worked for many dentists for decades. We’re happy to work with you individually, ensuring that the products you order have the perfect fit and look the first time. Ultimately, allowing you to care for your patients as quickly as possible. Since we work with every dentist directly, we strive to create lasting relationships, allowing us to deliver a level of service you won’t find at big labs. Our lab even works to provide same-day pickups, so you get the fast turnaround you need.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technologies in Dental Lab Services

Our crown and bridge dental lab uses the latest technologies that provide superior-quality products. For crowns and bridges, we use a zirconium oxide base with innovative technology to create zirconia restorations that look great and offer improved durability. Abutments are milled in-house, using the latest in technology and software, as well. Other techniques in which we’re experienced include Flexie Partials, EMax, Sculpture Composite and more.

Fair Pricing for Dental Lab Products and Services

The Tooth Factory understands how important it is for dentists to be able to offer patients competitive prices, which is why we give fair pricing for all our dental laboratory services and products. We’re proud to provide products that are of higher quality than those presented by many large labs, yet we still keep prices affordable.

Our Quality Dental Lab Uses Experienced Technicians

We only use knowledgeable, highly trained technicians at our dental lab, guaranteeing the creation of high-quality products in a timely manner. Our technicians not only pay attention to the perfect fit of our products, they also pay close attention to aesthetic details, such as flawless color matching, so patients get products that match natural teeth impeccably.

Dental Lab Products Made in the USA

At The Tooth Factory, we don’t outsource anything to overseas companies. Our quality dental lab offers you products that are proudly made in the USA, enabling dentists to ensure patients are provided with the highest-quality products.

We seek to combine personalized service with the best craftsmanship that the latest technologies can provide. Contact The Tooth Factory today to learn how our lab can meet or exceed your practice’s needs.